Debian GNU/Linux 2.2r3 released

April 17th, 2001

The third revision of Debian GNU/Linux 2.2 (nickname `potato') has been released. This point release, version 2.2r3, mostly includes security updates, along with a few corrections to important bugs in the stable distribution.

Upgrading to this revision online can be done by pointing the `apt' package tool (see sources.list(5) manual page) to one of Debian's many FTP mirrors. A list is available at:

Security Updates

This release contains the following security updates, for which the Security Team has released the advisory listed.

Debian Security Advisory ID Package(s)
DSA 004 nano
DSA 005 slocate
DSA 008 dialog
DSA 009 stunnel
DSA 010 gnupg
DSA 011 mgetty
DSA 012 micq
DSA 013 mysql, mysql-gpl
DSA 014 splitvt
DSA 015 sash
DSA 016 wu-ftpd
DSA 017 jazip
DSA 018 tinyproxy
DSA 019 squid
DSA 021 apache, apache-ssl
DSA 022 exmh
DSA 024 cron
DSA 025 openssh
DSA 026 bind
DSA 027 openssh
DSA 028 man-db
DSA 029 proftpd
DSA 030 xfree86
DSA 031 sudo
DSA 032 proftpd
DSA 033 analog
DSA 034 eperl
DSA 035 man2html
DSA 036 mc, gmc
DSA 037 nextaw, xaw3d, xaw95
DSA 038 sgml-tools
DSA 039 glibc
DSA 040 slrn
DSA 042 gnuserv, xemacs21
DSA 044 mailx
DSA 047 kernel
19 Nov 2000 cupsys
21 Nov 2000ethereal
20 Nov 2000tcpdump

Miscellaneous Bugfixes

acroread Corrected NLS handling
aview Corrected dependencies
boot-floppies Many improvements
cslatex Important correction
elvis-tiny Corrected file recovery
glibc Corrected security upload
mtools Corrected for arm architecture
netpbm,-nonfree hpcdtoppm is non-free, sorry
nvi Fixes potential file corruption
postfix Fixes potential black hole for mails
postgresql Fixes potential data loss
python Fixes file creation problem
syslog-ng Fixes potential DoS problem
w3m, w3m-ssl Fixes old security problem
watchdog Fixes suspicious reboots
xpdf, xpdf-i Correction to security update
xtide Fix copyright violation
xviddetect Added support for more graphic cards
yaboot Fixes a serious booting bug

A complete list of all accepted and rejected packages together with rationale can be found here:


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The current stable distribution can be found at:

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