Debian wins several Readers' Choice Awards

November 10th, 2003

This year was quite successful for the Debian project and it has won several readers' choice awards from major GNU/Linux magazines. They are listed in chronological order below.

Linux Journal 2003 Readers' Choice Awards

Debian has won in the category of "Favourite Distribution".

Linux Enterprise Reader's Choice 2003

Debian has won in the category "Best Enterprise Distribution".

Linux New Media Award 2003

Debian has won in the category "Best Distribution". Together with Knoppix, a system based on Debian, they received more than 60 % of the votes.

"I would like to thank the readers on behalf of the Debian community, for taking the time to make their preferences known and for choosing Debian," says Martin Michlmayr, Debian Project Leader. He adds that "we look forward to providing a quality operating system for years to come."