Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 updated (r2)

April 19th, 2006

This is the second update of Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 (codename ‘sarge’) which mainly adds security updates to the stable release, along with some corrections to serious problems. Those who frequently update from won't have to update many packages and most updates from are included in this update.

Please note that this update does not produce a new version of Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 but only adds a few updated packages to it. There is no need to throw away 3.1 CDs but only to update against after an installation, in order to incorporate those late changes.

Upgrading to this revision online is usually done by pointing the ‘apt’ package tool (see the sources.list(5) manual page) to one of Debian's many FTP or HTTP mirrors. A comprehensive list of mirrors is available at:

Security Updates

This revision adds the following security updates to the stable release. The Security Team has already released an advisory for each of these updates. The security fixes of the kernel have been delayed to the next point release due to constraints with the installer, please update the kernel images from

Debian Security Advisory ID Package(s)
DSA-740 aide
DSA-763 aide
DSA-856 py2play
DSA-903 unzip
DSA-919 curl
DSA-923 dropbear
DSA-924 nbd
DSA-925 phpbb2
DSA-926 ketm
DSA-927 tkdiff
DSA-928 dhis-tools-dns
DSA-929 petris
DSA-930 smstools
DSA-931 xpdf
DSA-932 kdegraphics
DSA-933 hylafax
DSA-934 pound
DSA-935 libapache2-mod-auth-pgsql
DSA-936 libextractor
DSA-937 tetex-bin
DSA-938 koffice
DSA-939 fetchmail
DSA-940 gpdf
DSA-941 tuxpaint
DSA-942 albatross
DSA-943 perl
DSA-944 mantis
DSA-945 antiword
DSA-946 sudo
DSA-947 clamav
DSA-948 kdelibs
DSA-949 crawl
DSA-950 cupsys
DSA-951 trac
DSA-952 libapache-auth-ldap
DSA-953 flyspray
DSA-954 wine
DSA-955 mailman
DSA-956 lsh-server
DSA-957 imagemagick
DSA-958 drupal
DSA-959 unalz
DSA-960 lib-mail-audit-perl
DSA-961 pdfkit.framework
DSA-962 pdftohtml
DSA-963 mydns
DSA-964 gnocatan
DSA-965 ipsec-tools
DSA-966 adzapper
DSA-967 elog
DSA-968 noweb
DSA-969 scponly
DSA-970 kronolith
DSA-971 xpdf
DSA-972 pdfkit.framework
DSA-973 otrs
DSA-974 gpdf
DSA-975 nfs-user-server
DSA-976 libast
DSA-977 heimdal
DSA-978 gnupg
DSA-979 pdfkit.framework
DSA-980 tutos
DSA-981 bmv
DSA-982 gpdf
DSA-983 pdftohtml
DSA-984 xpdf
DSA-985 libtasn1-2
DSA-986 gnutls11
DSA-987 tar
DSA-988 squirrelmail
DSA-989 zoph
DSA-990 bluez-hcidump
DSA-991 zoo
DSA-992 ffmpeg
DSA-993 gnupg
DSA-994 freeciv
DSA-995 metamail
DSA-997 bomberclone
DSA-998 libextractor
DSA-999 lurker
DSA-1000 libapreq2-perl
DSA-1001 crossfire
DSA-1002 webcalendar
DSA-1003 xpvm
DSA-1004 vlc
DSA-1005 xine-lib
DSA-1006 wzdftpd
DSA-1007 drupal
DSA-1008 kdegraphics
DSA-1009 crossfire
DSA-1010 ilohamail
DSA-1011 kernel-patch-vserver, util-vserver
DSA-1012 unzip
DSA-1013 snmptrapfmt
DSA-1014 firebird2
DSA-1015 sendmail
DSA-1016 evolution
DSA-1019 kdegraphics
DSA-1020 flex
DSA-1021 netpbm-free
DSA-1022 storebackup
DSA-1023 kaffeine
DSA-1024 clamav
DSA-1025 dia
DSA-1026 sash
DSA-1027 mailman
DSA-1028 libimager-perl
DSA-1029 libphp-adodb
DSA-1030 moodle
DSA-1031 cacti

Notable Changes

The sudo package has been changed to not propagate all environment variables to subsequent programs in order to avoid security risks. This change might affect software that uses sudo. Please see /usr/share/doc/sudo/README.Debian for more details.

Miscellaneous Bugfixes

This revision adds important corrections to the following packages. Most of them don't affect the security of the system, but may affect data integrity.

Package Reason
affix-kernel Fix build failures with sarge's kernel
backuppc Fix backup potential data loss and corruption
cernlib License problems, repackaged
cyrus-imapd Don't remove mail data on package purge
cyrus21-imapd Note cyrus-imapd data loss on package purge
evms Fix possible data loss
exim4 Fix mail delivery problems
f-prot-installer Adjusted to work with recent releases
fai Several fixes
glibc Update timezone data, fix NPTL for amd64
leafnode Fix security issue (CVE 2005-1911)
libchipcard Don't remove user account on package purge
mutt Fix possible attachments data loss
perl Fix utf-8/taint and malloc-to-death bug, Bug#227621
rssh Fix security issue (CVE-2005-3345)
slune Adjust to security fix in py2play, Bug#326976
sodipodi Fix segfaults on 64-bit architectures
tar Fix work with remote devices on non-i386, Bug#356657

A complete list of all accepted and rejected packages together with rationale is on the preparation page for this revision:


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