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To: Debian Developers <>
From: Darren Benham <>
Subject: DFSG v2 Draft #5
Sender: Darren Benham <>
Date: Sun, 24 Jan 1999 23:08:14 -0800

Here we go again.  There weren't many comments or suggestions on the last
version so I think we're getting close to a formal proposal to change.  Note,
we've removed the clause that requires the copyrights to be displayed during
execution.  It doesn't affect the GPL as version 2.  Are there any
license/packages that it DOES affect?

Remember, the parts in <braces> will be removed in the final version.  We've
just included them as comments as we work this out.

There could still be problems, even spelling errors.  As they say, release
early release often.
-------------------------------- start ----------------------------------------
                      Debian Free Software Guidelines

                      Anthony Towns <>
                     Darren Benham <>

                    draft version 2.5.2 25 January 1999


Copyright Notice

     copyright ©1999 Anthony Towns & Darren Benham

     This document is free software; you may redistribute it verbatim in
     any format. You may modify this document and redistribute it in any
     form so long as you change the title of this document. You may use
     parts of this document for any purpose.

     This is distributed _without any warranty_; without even the implied
     warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

     This document, in it's source form, exists in DebianDoc format. _Parts
     marked <like this> are notes and questions and not part of the actual
     document. They will be removed in the final work._



     1.        Introduction
     1.1.      Application

     2.        Requirements
     2.1.      Use
     2.2.      Source Code
     2.3.      Distribution
     2.4.      Modified and Derived Software
     2.5.      Termination of License

     3.        Restrictions
     3.1.      Notices of Authorship
     3.2.      Misrepresentation of Authors
     3.3.      License of Derived Works
     3.4.      Restrictions on charges (deprecated)
     3.5.      Availability of source code
     3.6.      Integrity of the Original Work

     4.        Notes
     4.1.      Deprecated
     4.2.      Non-binding Requests
     4.3.      Weaker Restrictions
     4.4.      Source Code
     4.5.      Example Licenses


1. Introduction

     The Debian Free Software Guidelines define what it means for software
     to be free as far as the Debian project is concerned. Software that
     follows these guidelines is termed "DFSG-free".

     These guidelines are separated into two sections: a list of freedoms
     we require of DFSG-free software and a list of restrictions on those
     freedoms that we are willing to accept.

1.1. Application

     These guidelines are intended to be applied to software programs, that
     is, machine-readable programs that instruct a computer how to perform
     specific tasks, its source code, and any other items included with the
     original source distribution.


2. Requirements

2.1. Use

     Anyone must be able to use the software in any way without paying a
     fee or royalty or performing special actions.

     <I think this line would prohibit "button-ware.">

     <Not specifically part of the old DFSG>

     <This does not prohibit the author from asking for donations as long
     as the donations are completely voluntary.>

2.2. Source Code

     Source code must be freely available.

     <Old DFSG point 2>

2.3. Distribution

     Anyone must be able to give away or sell copies of the executables and
     sources without paying a fee or royalty. However, nobody can be
     required to distribute the software.

     <Old DFSG point 1. Also part of Old DFSG point 5 & 6 unless you think
     the DFSG needs a phrase like "does not discriminate" instead of
     "anyone". Point 8 could also be part of this but this phrase would
     cover more than just Debian. For example, under the old DFSG, software
     could bar Red Hat from distributing it and still be DFSG (at least as
     far as point 8.)>

     <The license may not make any restrictions on who redistributes the
     software or how that work is redistributed.>

2.4. Modified and Derived Software

     Anyone must be able to use and distribute the software (source or
     executables) with modifications and anyone must be able to distribute
     software that uses parts of the licensed source.

     <part of old DFSG point 3 and part of point 7>

2.5. Termination of License

     The license must remain valid until the licensee terminates it or
     violates the terms of the license

     <Not part of the old DFSG>


3. Restrictions

3.1. Notices of Authorship
     The license may require the copyright, license, and any associated
     disclaimers be prominently displayed in the modified software or any
     derived software. The license may require such notices to be
     displayed: (in order of preference)

        * wherever the modified/derived software displays copyrights

        * in the source code or documentation

        * in advertising materials (deprecated)

     <Not part of the old DFSG>

     <during execution of the software -- removed. Will this affect any
     current licenses?>

3.2. Misrepresentation of Authors

     The license may restrict the use of names and trademarks of the
     copyright holders in association with modifications of the original

     <Not part of the old DFSG>

     <It can restrict the unauthorized use of the names and trademarks of
     the copyright holders even to promote something derived from the
     original software>

3.3. License of Derived Works

     The license can require modified and derived software be distributed
     under the same license or the general requirement "any compatible

     The license may also require the license of modified and derived
     software be restricted to the same license or to any license that
     meets these software has the choice of license as long as they meet
     these guidelines.

     <Also part of old DFSG point 7>

     The license can impose license restrictions on the third party
     software (such as libraries) necessary to compile the software as long
     as the restrictions are compatible with the original license.

     The license my not impose restrictions on third-party software that
     merely resides on the same system or distribution as the licensed

3.4. Restrictions on charges (deprecated)

     The license can restrict the amount charged for the software if
     reasonable distribution fees are allowed. It may not place
     restrictions on either fees charged for other software in a
     distribution or the cost of a distribution as a whole.

3.5. Availability of source code

     The license may require that distributors make a reasonable effort to
     provide source code to versions of the software they distribute.

     <Not specifically part of the old DFSG>

3.6. Integrity of the Original Work

     The license may use any of the following methods to ensure the
     integrity of the original work:

     <Old DFSG point 4>

3.6.1. Change log
     A summary of modifications made to the software may be required in:

        * the source code of the modified software.

        * documentation accompanying the modified software.

     <I removed this. Is there any license that requires this that we want
     to remain DFSG-free? "the display when the software is executed (for
     interactive programs)">

     <Is there anywhere else they could be summarized that we'd accept?>

3.6.2. Versioning and Renaming

     Modified software may be required to use a version number or name
     different than the official release.

3.6.3. Concurrent Installation (deprecated)

     Modified software may be required to be able to exist on the same
     system as the official release of the software.

     <For example by requiring derived works to use different names for
     configuration files and data files as well as executables.>

3.6.4. Original source (deprecated)

     Distribution of modified software may be required to be accompanied by
     an offer to distribute the original source code.

3.6.5. Patch clause (deprecated)

     Source level modifications may be required to be distributed as the
     original source with a list of differences.


4. Notes <This section, "Notes" is an explanation section to help clarify
the above document. It should not contain anything that's not above and the
document above should be able to stand on it's own without the "notes"

4.1. Deprecated

     By deprecated, we mean this is allowed but discourage and disliked.
     These items may be done away with in future versions. Also, software
     without deprecated clauses is recommended over software that has
     licenses with such clauses.

4.2. Non-binding Requests

     The license may make any number of non-binding requests. These should
     be clearly separated from the binding section of the license.

4.3. Weaker Restrictions

     The license may make weaker restrictions than the above.

4.4. Source Code

     These guidelines use the term source code to refer to the preferred
     form of the work for making modifications to it.

     <These guidelines use the term "source code" in the same way as does
     the GNU General Public License version 2: the source code for a work
     means the preferred form of the work for making modifications to it.>

4.5. Example Licenses
     As examples, we consider the following licenses DFSG-free:

        * the MIT/X Consortium License

        * the Artistic License

        * the GNU General Public License (GPL)

        * the GNU Library General Public License (LGPL)

        * the BSD License

        * the Mozilla Public License (MPL)

        * the Q Public License (QPL)

     *gt;This list is a list of possibilities. Before the document would be
     released, the list would be modified to mention the licenses that
     truly do fit<


     Debian Free Software Guidelines

     Anthony Towns <>
     Darren Benham <>

     draft version 2.5.2 25 January 1999

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Date: Sun, 24 Jan 1999 00:52:12 +0100
From: Wichert Akkerman <>
To: Debian Developers <>
Subject: Debian logo & its license

For the Nth time our logo license has expired. It might be a good idea
to finally finalize the license instead of just extending its lifetime
every couple of months.

There has also been mention of people wanting a different logo. I think
we should stick to our current logo for several reasons though:

* it is a good logo: it's easily recognizable, simple to draw, scales
  good and looks good in both black&white and in colour.
* choosing a new logo will take a long time: we would have to get
  submissions, vote on them all over again, etc.
* I actually like the thing :)

I propose that we vote on accepting both the logo and the current


This combination of bytes forms a message written to you by Wichert Akkerman.
Subject: linux 2.2.0: "System is 666kB"
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 1999 23:39:07 -0500
From: Johnie Ingram <>


Hm, now theres a worrisome compile message.  :-)

Anyway, for you early adopters, I've made source and debs available at:

Heres the checksums:

ca629746d5baa1f3024a780312c96e28  kernel-doc-2.2.0_2.2.0-1_all.deb
40d6ddb94ac0c0239a2a5b16818cbbdb  kernel-headers-2.2.0_2.2.0-1_i386.deb
9079f07787cdeba5649b8daa651746ea  kernel-image-2.2.0-i686_2.2.0-1_i386.deb
2be1baad527126c18d73f93f709758e1  kernel-source-2.2.0_2.2.0-1.diff.gz
35fa180e872cd6180ae0cab22730938f  kernel-source-2.2.0_2.2.0-1.dsc
98354d9bbe92ded9bdf3255b41319e19  kernel-source-2.2.0_2.2.0-1_all.deb
be94a0187a3ac4ad41442f967ddb11c3  kernel-source-2.2.0_2.2.0.orig.tar.gz

- ---------------------  PGP  E4 70 6E 59 80 6A F5 78  63 32 BC FB 7A 08 53 4C
   __ _    Debian GNU         Johnie Ingram <>      mm   mm
  / /(_)_ __  _   ___  __        "netgod"          mm mm
 / / | | '_ \| | | \ \/ /                                             m m m
/ /__| | | | | |_| |>  <      Yes, I'm Linus, and I am your God.     mm   mm
\____/_|_| |_|\__,_/_/\_\       -- Linus, keynote address, Expo 98   GO BLUE

Version: 2.6.3a
Charset: latin1


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