Debian Weekly News - June 27th, 2000

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Test Cycle 2 is over and the archive is being updated in preparation for the next test cycle. The release manager and others have been aggressively downgrading and fixing RC bugs, as well as removing some packages, the result is less than 40 RC bugs remain open, a record low. Of course, the big question is: Will the third Test Cycle be the last? Only time will tell, but confidence is on the rise.

Upgrading from 1.3 to frozen. Many install and upgrade reports have been posted in the past couple of weeks, but this one stands out. It's an upgrade from a system running Debian 1.3 all the way to frozen in one step, and it worked fine except one small and documented glitch. "Thanks and big kudos to all Debian: it is quite uncommon that an operating system may upgrade like this (consider also that it passed from a libc5 to a libc6 arch... and it took just 45 minutes)"

This week's security fixes:

More Debian-based distributions. AMIRIX Linux is a Debian-based distribution aimed at the embedded Linux space. AMIRIX is the principal sponsor of the Embedded Debian Project, which aims to "make Debian GNU/Linux a natural choice for embedded Linux." "This is an independent project, and is not formally associated with Debian. We plan on working closely with Debian, with the goal of our work eventually being integrated into the mainstream. " The project was announced to the debian-devel mailing list back in May, but Debian Weekly News missed the announcement, which gives some background information.

Freshmeat will be hosting an unofficial .deb archive, called the Deb Freshmeat Repository. The plans for this archive are to provide a central location for unofficial packages. "With the recent hubbub over KDE/QPL, the talk of removal of non-free, multiple .deb using distributions and the multitude of unofficial aptable and non-aptable sites with .debs the time is ripe." Seth Cohn has provided a summary of the discussions on the debian-freshmeat list.

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