Еженедельные новости Debian - Выпуски за 2000 год

Здесь находятся прошлые выпуски Еженедельных Новостей Debian за 2000 год. Также можно посмотреть сводку событий за весь 2000 год.

19.12.2000 Testing rolled out
12.12.2000 2.2r2 released; package pools arrive in full; apt ported to rpm
29.11.2000 Non-US package pools; 2.2r2 delayed; BTS changes
22.11.2000 Many security fixes, 2.2r2 imminent
14.11.2000 Debian 2.2r1 off to a rocky start; a vote expires.
07.11.2000 Unstable lives up to its name; Progeny beta test
25.10.2000 Package pools ready; testing Debian FHS compliance; Helix Gnome; klecker comes online
18.10.2000 VA offers Debian; GNU/Hurd CD images; PA-RISC port gets started; Debian reviews.
11.10.2000 BTS enhancements and news; Debian on the IPaq
03.10.2000 Unstable safe for now; bug severities.
26.09.2000 Unstable breakage; supporting emerging technologies.
19.09.2000 Designing a new Debian installer; apt enhancements; security fixes for 2.1 to end soon.
12.09.2000 KDE enters Debian
29.08.2000 Testing revisited; BTS status; Helix Gnome
22.08.2000 Release aftermath; traceroute again; meta-packages; a new 'testing' distribution?
15.08.2000 Debian 2.2 is released
09.08.2000 More preparations for release.
02.08.2000 No news is good news; ia64 port; package signing infrastructure.
26.07.2000 Test Cycle 3 has begun; a dedication; Progeny is hiring; Debian and security.
19.07.2000 Policy discussions; more on removing libc5.
11.07.2000 Reports from the Zeroth Debian Conference; waiting for Test Cycle 3
27.06.2000 Preparing for test cycle 3; upgrading from 1.3 to frozen; AMIRIX and Embedded Debian
21.06.2000 Test Cycle 2 ending; boot-floppies redesign; versioned provides implemented; the voting system examined.
14.06.2000 Remove non-free from Debian? Test Cycle 2 CD images; more new maintainers; the Zeroth Debian Conference.
30.05.2000 The second test cycle begins; security update.
23.05.2000 Plans for a second test cycle; update on the First Debian Conference; Helix Gnome
09.05.2000 Changes on master; Test Cycle and new maintainer updates.
03.05.2000 Beginning the first Test Cycle.
26.04.2000 PowerPC boot floppies; First European Debian Meeting; graphing package relationships.
19.04.2000 New maintainers being added; test cycle starts soon.
11.04.2000 Signed packages; new mailing lists; direct access to Incoming.
28.03.2000 Wichert Akkerman re-elected; Debian 2.1r5 released; the second bug horizon passed; policy process reform; better default colors.
14.03.2000 A new bug horizon; new maintainer update; Debian for Dummies
07.03.2000 Past the bug horizon; elections; bootable business cards
23.02.2000 100+ packages to be removed; DPL voting begins; new-maintainer update; Debian Alpha problems.
16.02.2000 Project Leader debates; dealing with RC bugs
08.02.2000 New maintainer re-org; Debian for kids; mbr issues.
01.02.2000 DPL nominations; preparing for test cycle; boot floppies progress
19.01.2000 Debian enters the freeze; awards and Debian T-Shirts; task packages
12.01.2000 Preparations for the freeze
04.01.2000 Y2K wrapup; new and old maintainers

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