Щотижневі новини Debian - Зміст за 2000 рік

Ось минулі випуски щотижневих новин Debian за 2000 рік. Також перегляньте стислу хронологію подій за весь 2000 рік.

19 гру 2000 р. Testing rolled out
12 гру 2000 р. 2.2r2 released; package pools arrive in full; apt ported to rpm
29 лис 2000 р. Non-US package pools; 2.2r2 delayed; BTS changes
22 лис 2000 р. Many security fixes, 2.2r2 imminent
14 лис 2000 р. Debian 2.2r1 off to a rocky start; a vote expires.
07 лис 2000 р. Unstable lives up to its name; Progeny beta test
25 жов 2000 р. Package pools ready; testing Debian FHS compliance; Helix Gnome; klecker comes online
18 жов 2000 р. VA offers Debian; GNU/Hurd CD images; PA-RISC port gets started; Debian reviews.
11 жов 2000 р. BTS enhancements and news; Debian on the IPaq
03 жов 2000 р. Unstable safe for now; bug severities.
26 вер 2000 р. Unstable breakage; supporting emerging technologies.
19 вер 2000 р. Designing a new Debian installer; apt enhancements; security fixes for 2.1 to end soon.
12 вер 2000 р. KDE enters Debian
29 сер 2000 р. Testing revisited; BTS status; Helix Gnome
22 сер 2000 р. Release aftermath; traceroute again; meta-packages; a new 'testing' distribution?
15 сер 2000 р. Debian 2.2 is released
09 сер 2000 р. More preparations for release.
02 сер 2000 р. No news is good news; ia64 port; package signing infrastructure.
26 лип 2000 р. Test Cycle 3 has begun; a dedication; Progeny is hiring; Debian and security.
19 лип 2000 р. Policy discussions; more on removing libc5.
11 лип 2000 р. Reports from the Zeroth Debian Conference; waiting for Test Cycle 3
27 чер 2000 р. Preparing for test cycle 3; upgrading from 1.3 to frozen; AMIRIX and Embedded Debian
21 чер 2000 р. Test Cycle 2 ending; boot-floppies redesign; versioned provides implemented; the voting system examined.
14 чер 2000 р. Remove non-free from Debian? Test Cycle 2 CD images; more new maintainers; the Zeroth Debian Conference.
30 тра 2000 р. The second test cycle begins; security update.
23 тра 2000 р. Plans for a second test cycle; update on the First Debian Conference; Helix Gnome
09 тра 2000 р. Changes on master; Test Cycle and new maintainer updates.
03 тра 2000 р. Beginning the first Test Cycle.
26 кві 2000 р. PowerPC boot floppies; First European Debian Meeting; graphing package relationships.
19 кві 2000 р. New maintainers being added; test cycle starts soon.
11 кві 2000 р. Signed packages; new mailing lists; direct access to Incoming.
28 бер 2000 р. Wichert Akkerman re-elected; Debian 2.1r5 released; the second bug horizon passed; policy process reform; better default colors.
14 бер 2000 р. A new bug horizon; new maintainer update; Debian for Dummies
07 бер 2000 р. Past the bug horizon; elections; bootable business cards
23 лют 2000 р. 100+ packages to be removed; DPL voting begins; new-maintainer update; Debian Alpha problems.
16 лют 2000 р. Project Leader debates; dealing with RC bugs
08 лют 2000 р. New maintainer re-org; Debian for kids; mbr issues.
01 лют 2000 р. DPL nominations; preparing for test cycle; boot floppies progress
19 січ 2000 р. Debian enters the freeze; awards and Debian T-Shirts; task packages
12 січ 2000 р. Preparations for the freeze
04 січ 2000 р. Y2K wrapup; new and old maintainers

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Щотижневі новини Debian випускає Joey Hess.