Debian Weekly News - March 6th, 2001

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DPL election update: One more platform was posted, by Bdale Garbee, who has quite a long history in Debian. Anand Kumria has not posted a platform. There has been a low level of discussion on debian-vote about the elections, but it's been healthily non-political and quite restrained. The campaigning period is winding down now, and elections begin on the 7th.

It's another rough week for unstable trackers. Pam was broken, breaking any services that use, including ssh and cron (this is now fixed). More apt changes are afoot, and a major change to debconf just went into unstable, adding a real back-end database to that program at last.

The recent bug squashing party was a great success; over the two day period, some 130 release critical bugs were dealt with. Of course there are many more release critical bugs to fix before release. More bug squashing parties are planned..

The dates for the Debian Conference have changed to prevent conflicts with other European events such as LinuxTag. The conference will be held "From Monday July the 2nd to Thursday July the 5th, in Bordeaux (France)".

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