Debian 计划新闻 - 2012 Index

这里是西元 2012 年发行的 Debian 每周 Debian 社群周报。

2012/12/24 Wheezy freeze: reviewers needed, bits from the DPL, BSP in Mechlin
2012/12/10 Record number of participants for Mini Debconf Paris, Debian on mobiles, official Debian images on AWS Marketplace, reports from the latest Bug Squashing Parties
2012/11/26 Help your language reach 100% support in the Debian Installer, Debian Installer 7.0 beta4 released, Debian newcomer experience survey
2012/11/12 Code search engine for Debian, bits from the DPL, one step closer to Wheezy
2012/10/29 Debian Installer 7.0 Beta3 released, report from the latest BSPs
2012/10/15 Report from the FTP Team meeting, bits from the DPL, decrease in bug reporting rate in Debian
2012/10/01 Update for Debian 6.0: 6.0.6 released, reports from the last BSPs, results from Debian's Google Summer of Code, Mini DebConf in Paris
2012/09/17 Bits from the FTP Team, bits from the DPL, Technical Committee nominations
2012/09/03 Debian's presence at RMLL 2012, 64-bit PC: primary Debian architecture, new mirrors
2012/08/21 Debian celebrates its 19th birthday, help the Debian Installer team, bits from the DPL
2012/07/30 来自 LSM 的 Debian 医学团队报告, DebConf13 徽标竞赛, Raspbian
2012/07/12 新界面,DebCamp,UDD 更新,来自 DPL 的消息
2012/06/25 版本冻结,镜像重定向器,DebConf11 财务及其它报告
2012/06/11 Debian 欢迎多样化,用 AWS 重编译, armhf 和 s390x 成为正式架构
2012/05/28 Bits from the Release Team, removal of Qt3 from Debian, report from Debian Utsavam
2012/05/14 Update for Debian 6.0: 6.0.5 released, deadlines for DebConf12, General Resolution about diversity statement
2012/04/30 Debian clouds, tour in Nicaragua, and European Synchrotron
2012/04/16 Debian Project leader elected, registration open for DebConf12, personal BSP initiatives
2012/04/02 Bits from Debian Med team, report from DSA team sprint, so long and thanks for all the news
2012/03/20 DPL Elections 2012, first Squeeze based Debian Edu released, report from recent Bug Squashing Parties
2012/03/05 Rebuild of the Debian archive with clang, Debian Peru revival, DebConf11 report out, Debian Utsav
2012/02/20 Goodbye Lenny, GNU/Hurd on the rails, multiarch-ready dpkg
2012/02/06 Update for Debian 6.0: 6.0.4 released, bits from the Release Team, bits from the piuparts maintainers, report from Debian Med sprint
2012/01/23 Debian ahead on web server, aptitude strikes back, Debian money, IGMP denial of service in Linux
2012/01/09 Debian Edu/Skolelinux 6.0.3 beta2, bits from the DPL, new Debian Infographic, new Debtags web interface

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