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Tin tức về dự án Debian - Trang mục lục năm 2015

Đây là các bài viết của trang Tin tức Dự án Debian.

01 Th1 2016 Mourning Ian Murdock, Internal News and Happenings, Calls for Help, Reports, Outside News
22 Th10 2015 Welcome to the New DPN, Internal News and Happenings, Calls for Help, More than just code, Reports, Outside News
02 Th9 2015 Stefano Zacchiroli Award, Stretch Installer, Archive changes, UEFI team, FreedomBox release, Bits from the Release, Perl Maintainers, and Wanna Build teams, Reports, Tips and Tricks, Events
21 Th7 2015 Perl team sprint, New documentation guides on the Debian website, Bits from the DPL, Help rescuing Debian Live Rescue, Debian switches to FFmpeg for multimedia packages, Reproducible builds funded by the Linux Foundation, Transition to GCC5 and libstdc++6, Report from Google Summer of Code students, Long Term Support reports, Tips and Tricks
15 Th6 2015 Souvenirs from Jessie's release parties, reports, a challenge to improve reproducibility, Debian Squeeze LTS reports, an official mirrors redirector, a glimpse at DebConf15's program
12 Th5 2015 Debian 8 Jessie released, Live coverage, DPL election, Outreach Delegation, 2015 Google Summer of Code, Long Term Support, Reports, Bucharest miniDebConf, Interviews with Lucas Nussbaum and Shirish Agarwal
13 Th4 2015 Jessie sắp ra mắt, Báo cáo, Kêu gọi trợ giúp, Phỏng vấn Laura Arjona, Stefano Zacchiroli, và Francesca Ciceri
12 Th3 2015 Reports from the DebianMed sprint, Debian LTS status, Delegation of the Trademark Team, Debian Partners call for help, Upcoming DPL Election, DebConf15 registration opens, DebConf16 location, Debian in the Movies, DPN asks: DSA, What do you do?, Interviews with Joey Hess and Paul Wise
16 Th2 2015 History of the arm64 port, first release candidate of Jessie Debian installer, mirrors changes, Debian LTS, technical committee term limits, Call for projects for Debian GSoC, progress on reproducible builds, bug squashing parties, Mumbai Mini-DebConf, and the 2048 bit key removal

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