Debian Hamradio Blend

Blend Support


Before searching for support from someone else, it's usually good to try to find an answer to your problem yourself. That way you will usually get the answers you need, and even if you don't, the experience of reading the documentation will likely be useful for you in the future.

See the hamradio-specific documentation page or the Debian documentation page for a list of documentation available.

Mailing Lists

Debian is developed through distributed development all around the world. Therefore e-mail is a preferred way to discuss various items. Much of the conversation between Debian developers and users is managed through several mailing lists.

For support specifically relating to the use of hamradio software you can use the Debian hamradio user's mailing list.

For more general Debian support that is not specifically related to hamradio software usage, you can use the Debian user mailing list.

For user support in other languages, please check the mailing lists index for users.

On-line Real Time Help Using IRC

IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is a way to chat with people from all over the world in real time. IRC channels dedicated to Debian can be found on OFTC.

To connect, you need an IRC client. Some of the most popular clients are HexChat, ircII, irssi, epic5 and KVIrc, all of which have been packaged for Debian. Once you have the client installed, you need to tell it to connect to the server. In most clients, you can do that by typing:


Once you are connected, join channel #debian-hamchat by typing

/join #debian-hamchat

Note: clients like HexChat often have a different, graphical user interface for joining servers/channels.

There's a number of other IRC networks where you can chat about Debian, too.