Debian-Installer beta 2 released

January 14th, 2004

The Debian-Installer team is glad to announce the second beta release of the Debian sarge installer for the i386, powerpc, and ia64 architectures. Besides the addition of the ia64 architecture, new features in this release include:

This release fixes all of the posted errata in beta 1 of the Debian-Installer, and many other bugs besides. It still has rough edges and known bugs, but we anticipate that most users will find it a great improvement from past Debian installs. Please send us a report of how your installation goes, so we can strive to make it even better.

How to try out the beta:

If your installation was successful, there will be a template for install reports in /root/install-report.template – this template is also available on the web. Please use this template when filing install reports.

Good luck with testing Debian-Installer!