Swedish Debian and Linux links

Here is a collection of links that might be of interest to Swedish speaking Debian users:

The Swedish Debian community
Debian CD vendors:
User groups, Sweden (see also Linux User Groups Worldwide, Open Directory)
Dala Linux User Group (DaLUG)
Helsingborg Linux User Group
SeLinux, Svenska Linuxföreningen
Skåne/Sjælland Linux User Group
Stockholm Linux User Group (SLUG)
Uppsala Linux User Group
Westbo Linux User Group (WLUG)
User groups, Finland (see also Groups of Linux Users Everywhere; Linux User Groups Worldwide; Open Directory)
Porvoo Linux User Group (PLUG)
Finnish Linux User Group
The Debian Guide — a guide to installation and configuration in Danish.
Friheden til at skrive bøger — documentation from the Skåne-Sjællands Linux User Group in Danish.
Other link collections
The Swedish Linux category in Open Directory

For links to projects that translate Debian and Linux software, see the end of the dictionary.

Please also see our pages about Debian in Finnish, Norwegian and Danish.

If you have a good link that you think is missing here, please contact Andreas Rönnquist via e-mail!

Swedish Linux mailing lists

On www.OpenSource.dk you can subscribe to a mailing list where Danish and Scanian events and news of interest to Open Source users are announced.

Debian also has a Swedish-language mailing list of its own.

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