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데비안 GNU/Hurd


Hurd는 GNU Mach microkernel의 꼭대기에서 돌아가는 서버 집합입니다. 그들과 함께 GNU운영체제를 위한 기반을 구축한다.

현재, 데비안은 리눅스와 kFreeBSD 에서만 가능지만, 데비안 GNU/Hurd 를 개발, 서버, 데스크탑 플랫폼으로 공급하기 시작했다.


The Hurd is under active development, but does not provide the performance and stability you would expect from a production system. Also, only about every second Debian package has been ported to the GNU/Hurd. There are still a few things to do before we can make a release, see the TODO list.

Until then, you can participate in the development if you want. Depending on your experience and time commitment, you can help us in many different ways. For example, we need experienced C hackers to develop and implement new features and to fix bugs and debug the system. The Failed page shows the list of failing packages and a summary why. If you are not very experienced in C programming, you can still help: Either by testing the existing systems and reporting bugs, or by trying to compile some unported software you have experience with. Also writing documentation is important, or maintaining the web pages.


Porting packages is quite trivial most of the time, there are just a couple of traps that they can fall into, a list of common issues is available.

참여하는 방법?

To start with Hurd development, you should install Debian GNU/Hurd and get used to it. Also, join the mailing lists and try to get a feeling for the state of the development. Offer your help, and we will tell you what is needed to do.