Leader Elections 2001

Time Line

Nomination periodJanuary 24th, 2001 to February 13th, 2001
Campaigning periodFebruary 14th, 2001 to March 6th, 2001
Voting periodMarch 7th, 2001 to March 28th, 2001


  1. Branden Robinson [branden@debian.org] [platform]
  2. Anand Kumria [akumria@debian.org] [no platform was posted]
  3. Ben Collins [bcollins@debian.org] [platform]
  4. Bdale Garbee [bdale@debian.org] [platform]




There were 311 valid votes.
The winner is Ben Collins.

Graphical rendering of the results

For understanding the Condorcet method, the Wikipedia entry is fairly informative.

Detailed election results.