Note: The original document is newer than this translation.

Debian in Polish

Debian is accessible in Polish language too. From installation of the system, to the user interface of the majority of popular programs and the system messages to the documentation. Obviously, there are many things still to be done in this matter, but probably even now you can use Debian without knowing English.

Furthermore, there is a strong Debian users community in Poland, visible through multiple web sites, mailing lists, and forums. At the moment, there are 13 official Debian developers from Poland registered in the project.

Polish Debian resources

Where to look for help in Polish language

There are several other Polish sites about Debian, but they haven't been updated for some time.

Translating Debian to Polish

Information about translated packages and Debian web pages are available on the statistics pages.

In order to keep the vocabulary consistent, please use the word list when translating Debian-related resources.

If you would like to help with translation (e.g. installation messages, package descriptions, program interfaces, WWW pages like this one, documentation etc.) or if you have another idea what could be placed on this or other Debian pages, send an e-mail on the list.

Formerly a lot of work was put in the Polish Documentation of Debian Project (PDDP), but it seems to be inactive these days.