"Software in the Public Interest" is incorporating

March 7th, 1997

Debian's non-profit organization, Software in the Public Interest, is incorporating. That will give us a way to protect our developers from lawsuits, and a way for Debian to accept grants and donations, etc. Incorporation costs money to do. We also have other legal expenses in filing for trademarks, etc. And we'd like to be able to send representatives to major trade shows, and perhaps to operate a trade show booth showing off Debian. There are also petty cash expenses like postage and copying for press releases, net domain fees, post office box fees, etc.

We are soliciting donations of any amount. The first thing we'll do with the money is complete our incorporation and get a bank account for the corporation. Our attorney is operating an escrow fund for us so that we can take donations during our incorporation. Donations are not tax-deductible at this time.

Please make checks (no cash, please) out to:

        Software in the Public Interest, Frank J. Marotta as attorney
        (abbreviating that to SPI is fine)

Please send them to:

        Software in the Public Interest
        PO Box 671
        Ridge, NY 11961

This post office box is being operated by our Treasurer, Tim Sailer, treasurer@debian.org, who is also the project's liaison with our attorney. Tim will be able to report on the status and disposition of your donations.