Aktuality z roku 1997

[11.12.1997] Debian Available Pre-installed on New Computers
[30.11.1997] Debian Announces $1000 Grant to Gnome Project
[25.11.1997] Become a Debian Developer! Debian Mentors are waiting to help you
[15.11.1997] Linux Distributions and The Free Software Community — a note from the president of Debian
[22.10.1997] Debian Included on CD in Magazine
[20.10.1997] First Book on Debian Published
[10.10.1997] Unix-on-Intel players work on a common binary format
[18.08.1997] Companies Donate Hardware and Net Connections to Debian
[18.08.1997] Over 2200 Debian Official 2-CD Sets Sold in 8 Weeks
[10.07.1997] Debian Converting to GNU LIBC 6
[08.07.1997] Debian 1.3.1 Released
[08.07.1997] Debian in Orbit on Space Shuttle
[27.06.1997] Congress Concerning Debian GNU/Linux This Fall
[26.06.1997] Debian's Second Shuttle Flight
[09.06.1997] "Software in the Public Interest" Is now incorporated
[02.06.1997] Debian 1.3 Released
[01.04.1997] Debian Flies on the Space Shuttle
[26.03.1997] Search for Debian Logo Continues
[17.03.1997] Chairman and Secretary Elected by the Board of Directors
[07.03.1997] "Software in the Public Interest" is incorporating
[07.03.1997] Leadership Changes for the Debian Project
[01.02.1997] Board of Directors elected