New SPI Web Pages

October 29th, 1998


Software in the Public Interest, Inc. is pleased to announce its new web pages. They can be found at SPI is a non profit organization that was founded to help projects in developing software for the community. Several projects are currently being supported through monetary and hardware donations that have been made to SPI. As SPI is a non profit organization, all donations to it and the projects it supports are tax deductible.


Projects that are affiliated with and receive support from SPI are:

These projects use the monetary and legal infrastructure available to them through SPI to accomplish their individual goals. SPI serves as a guiding organization only, and does not actively control any of the projects it is affiliated with.


SPI currently owns several trademarks and certification marks. Although these trademarks are owned by SPI, they are managed by the projects that they are associated with.

The Open Source Certification Mark is managed by Eric Raymond on behalf of the free software community.

The Open Hardware Certification Mark is managed by Vincent Renardias.

The Debian Trademark is managed by Debian.