Debian receives UltraSPARC60 donation

March 17th, 2000

Debian has recently added another machine to its computing resources. The system is an UltraSPARC 60 with dual 360Mhz CPU's and 512Megs of RAM. It was donated by Sun Microsystems. To add to the system, Sun also donated a Netra st A1000 Telecom Class storage array. The array contains eight 9gig 10k RPM drives, for a total of 72gigs of raw capacity. The storage unit, configured as a RAID 5 system, will serve as Debian's new primary internal archive server. IntraServer also assisted in getting this system operational by donating the PCI Differential UltraWide SCSI Controller that the array is attached to.

The system is currently running Debian's frozen SPARC GNU/Linux distribution, potato (aka, Debian 2.2), utilizing a 2.2.15-pre11 SMP kernel. The machine is being hosted at VisiNet, a Winstar owned ISP.

Debian wishes to thank all of the contributors of the system and hosting site as well as the developers who invested time and effort into testing and configuring the system for Debian's network.