Test Cycle Three Has Officially Begun

July 26th, 2000

The archive has been frozen, and no new packages will be installed until the test cycle ends. Since the last test cycle we have new boot-floppies, a new X, and many new packages. Also included are updated release notes: please be sure to check them to avoid any problems some of the changes may cause in your systems.

It is hoped and expected that we will not need to make any further changes to packages between this test cycle and declaring potato stable. As such, security fixes for packages in potato will be made available on security.debian.org and announced on the debian-security-announce mailing list, as they are for the stable release.

The main focus of testing for this cycle, then, is to ensure the release notes are as complete and as helpful as possible, and to identify issues that should be fixed in future point releases of potato and in the next Debian release, woody.

This test cycle will end in two weeks, roughly the 9th of August. At that point, any additional problems will be added to the release notes, and potato will be declared stable. The official announcement of this, and the first non-virtual release party, is expected to take place at the LinuxWorld Conference and Expo.

Testing reports should, as always, be sent to the debian-testing list. Subscription information and archives are available from the Debian homepage.

For those who are able to test CD installs, images for the first binary CD for each architecture are available at http://ftp.debian.org/debian-cd/potato_test-cycle-3/.

For people doing network based installs, please point Apt or your preferred dselect method at your local mirror.