Debian Weekly News - April 19th, 1999

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Voting on the license for the Debian logo has begun. The vote also encompasses the number of logos that will be used, either one or two. For details on the options, see the call for votes and then cast your ballot. Of course, only developers can vote.

Corel is going to release a Debian variant, according to a article. "Corel will base a Linux product [..] on the version of Linux from Debian." Corel appears to be interested in improving Debian's ease of installation and use and bundling it with WordPerfect and other Corel software. They plan to release a beta by August. Debian has made no official announcement about this yet.

An interesting development in the past couple of weeks has been more mainstream online press stories referencing and linking to items that originate on the Debian mailing lists. For example, here's a Salon Magazine story with a link buried in the middle to the "clueless users" post from 3 weeks ago. And here's an article on the Perens/Raymond mess with links to postings on our mailing lists. Unfortunately, none of these links cast Debian in a very positive light. Other more positive references to Debian in the press this week include a few mentions in Linux Journal issue #61, where Debian is revealed as the distribution of choice for one author's PPP servers, and for another's remotely upgradable secure Internet gateways.

Work is beginning on a Chinese translation project. Some of Debian's web pages have been translated to Chinese. The debian-chinese mailing list has been created. The Chinese translation effort is being coordinated by Anthony Wong. If you would like to help out with the project, subscribe to the debian-chinese mailing list.

New packages for this week:

Thanks to our contributors, Mike Renfro and Randolph Chung. This issue of Debian weekly news came up a bit short; the only way to make it longer and better is with your help.

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