Debian Weekly News - July 13th, 1999

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Storm Linux is a new distribution based on Debian. Its motto is "Storm Linux: we make linux look good", and it seems they do -- take a look at these screenshots. The developer of Storm is R Garth Wood, who has been active on debian-devel for a while. There has been little reaction to this development though a report on a test install has been posted.

The web site now has a page for the Hurd port. It covers installation, development, etc. Speaking of the web site, it finally uses the new logo. And the results are in for the logo swap vote: the logos have been swapped. Go forth and use the swirl.

There's been an increasing amount of discussion about freezing and release plans this week. From talk on the new debian-release list about shortening the release cycle to a discussion about whether a September release is possible (with a freeze very soon), the idea is in the air.

Lalo Martins posted about internationalizing Debian's init scripts. It's turning into a more general discussion about init script output, see this proposal for example.

Here is a complete system for generating diffs between debian packages and applying those diffs. This could be used to "seriously reduce download times"

As usual, we have some news from the Debian-JP project. One thing they're dealing with is translating the copyright of software that is documented only in Japanese.

Many packages remain broken after the perl update. The next planned step is to file important bugs against these packages and quickly make non maintainer releases of them.

Thanks to Christian Meder and Katsura S. Yoshio for contributing.

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