Notizie settimanali Debian - Indice 1999

Qui ci sono tutti i numeri già usciti delle notizie settimanali Debian per il 1999. In più si può controllare la linea cronologica per una panoramica di tutto il 1999.

27 dic 1999 Linux Journal award; release plans; quake concerns
14 dic 1999 Debian 2.1r4 released; a two week summary
30 nov 1999 Corel goofup; Enhances field debate; an editorial on bug severities.
23 nov 1999 Boot floppies development on schedule; Debian Freebsd and package pools discussed again.
17 nov 1999 The Debian Machine Usage Policy; Y2K fixes for Slink; Corel Linux; 50 thousand bugs
09 nov 1999 Freeze postponed for months; a new version of policy; OpenSSH arrives.
02 nov 1999 Freeze postponed a week; build dependencies; Corel copyright problems; BIND is back.
20 ott 1999 Report from ALS; bloat problems; proposals.
12 ott 1999 New maintainer closed; Debian in a box.
06 ott 1999 Free ssh; crippling bugs in unstable.
28 set 1999 Developer database online; boot floppies leader wanted.
21 set 1999 Debconf released; Corel closed beta; a crazy idea.
14 set 1999 A new BTS; broken packages; metapackages.
07 set 1999 FHS decision; BIND problems; adopting GPG.
29 ago 1999 Developer sponsors; Debian-JP problems; general problems of Debian.
24 ago 1999 Making Debian less fragile; security updates.
17 ago 1999 Awards at LinuxWorld; proposed Slink update.
10 ago 1999 Freeze date set; FHS transition delay; fakeroot problems.
03 ago 1999 DpkgV2 reaction; another book; new maintainer problems; losing a developer.
20 lug 1999 Is Bruce Back? DpkgV2 design; server news.
13 lug 1999 Storm Linux; logos are swapped
06 lug 1999 Perl update; how to move to FHS; relationships with upstream.
29 giu 1999 A Debian Book; never ending logo votes
22 giu 1999 A two week edition; a new server for non-free; apt and menu improvements.
08 giu 1999 A new logo; Linux Laptops; meeting debianites.
31 mag 1999 Configuration management implementations; Debian JP merge.
24 mag 1999 Logo vote begins; rewriting dpkg; editor wars
17 mag 1999 Dpkg use by Apple; upgrading perl
10 mag 1999 Plans for the next release; Corel's plans.
03 mag 1999 Logo licence results; new X; debhelper 2.0
26 apr 1999 BTS downtime; Y2K problems; logfile rotation.
19 apr 1999 Logo license vote; Corel Debian
12 apr 1999 Several proposals; maintainer queue delays.
06 apr 1999 Logo candidates
29 mar 1999 Belated press releases; are stupid users bad?
22 mar 1999 Free CDs for developers; a new release manager; configuration management; many questions.
15 mar 1999 Glibc 2.1; removing base
08 mar 1999 Release!
01 mar 1999 Release delay; Debian on Empeg
22 feb 1999 Italian Debian; meeting developers; Debian FreeBSD?
15 feb 1999 Release date set
08 feb 1999 Wichert Akkerman elected DPL; debhelper use hits 50%
01 feb 1999 Logo contest; gnome-apt released; libtool woes; help wanted.
25 gen 1999 Logo licence problem; Debian at conferences; the Great X Reorganization; package names.
18 gen 1999 DPL elections; data bloating Debian; mutt a standard mail reader?
11 gen 1999 A bug counting mistake; deep freeze soon
04 gen 1999 The first issue; RMS uses Debian; freeze time blues.

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