Еженедельные новости Debian - Выпуски за 1999 год

Здесь находятся прошлые выпуски Еженедельных Новостей Debian за 1999 год. Также можно посмотреть сводку событий за весь 1999 год.

27.12.1999 Linux Journal award; release plans; quake concerns
14.12.1999 Debian 2.1r4 released; a two week summary
30.11.1999 Corel goofup; Enhances field debate; an editorial on bug severities.
23.11.1999 Boot floppies development on schedule; Debian Freebsd and package pools discussed again.
17.11.1999 The Debian Machine Usage Policy; Y2K fixes for Slink; Corel Linux; 50 thousand bugs
09.11.1999 Freeze postponed for months; a new version of policy; OpenSSH arrives.
02.11.1999 Freeze postponed a week; build dependencies; Corel copyright problems; BIND is back.
20.10.1999 Report from ALS; bloat problems; proposals.
12.10.1999 New maintainer closed; Debian in a box.
06.10.1999 Free ssh; crippling bugs in unstable.
28.09.1999 Developer database online; boot floppies leader wanted.
21.09.1999 Debconf released; Corel closed beta; a crazy idea.
14.09.1999 A new BTS; broken packages; metapackages.
07.09.1999 FHS decision; BIND problems; adopting GPG.
29.08.1999 Developer sponsors; Debian-JP problems; general problems of Debian.
24.08.1999 Making Debian less fragile; security updates.
17.08.1999 Awards at LinuxWorld; proposed Slink update.
10.08.1999 Freeze date set; FHS transition delay; fakeroot problems.
03.08.1999 DpkgV2 reaction; another book; new maintainer problems; losing a developer.
20.07.1999 Is Bruce Back? DpkgV2 design; server news.
13.07.1999 Storm Linux; logos are swapped
06.07.1999 Perl update; how to move to FHS; relationships with upstream.
29.06.1999 A Debian Book; never ending logo votes
22.06.1999 A two week edition; a new server for non-free; apt and menu improvements.
08.06.1999 A new logo; Linux Laptops; meeting debianites.
31.05.1999 Configuration management implementations; Debian JP merge.
24.05.1999 Logo vote begins; rewriting dpkg; editor wars
17.05.1999 Dpkg use by Apple; upgrading perl
10.05.1999 Plans for the next release; Corel's plans.
03.05.1999 Logo licence results; new X; debhelper 2.0
26.04.1999 BTS downtime; Y2K problems; logfile rotation.
19.04.1999 Logo license vote; Corel Debian
12.04.1999 Several proposals; maintainer queue delays.
06.04.1999 Logo candidates
29.03.1999 Belated press releases; are stupid users bad?
22.03.1999 Free CDs for developers; a new release manager; configuration management; many questions.
15.03.1999 Glibc 2.1; removing base
08.03.1999 Release!
01.03.1999 Release delay; Debian on Empeg
22.02.1999 Italian Debian; meeting developers; Debian FreeBSD?
15.02.1999 Release date set
08.02.1999 Wichert Akkerman elected DPL; debhelper use hits 50%
01.02.1999 Logo contest; gnome-apt released; libtool woes; help wanted.
25.01.1999 Logo licence problem; Debian at conferences; the Great X Reorganization; package names.
18.01.1999 DPL elections; data bloating Debian; mutt a standard mail reader?
11.01.1999 A bug counting mistake; deep freeze soon
04.01.1999 The first issue; RMS uses Debian; freeze time blues.

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