Debian Weekly News - 1999 Timeline

This special supplement to Debian Weekly News is a review of the most important happenings of 1999 in the Debian world. This is certainly not a comprehensive list. The focus is on unusual and notable events, not the continual background development activity and discussions.

To give some idea of the sheer volume of what has gone on behind the scenes this year, a few numbers: 22 thousand bug reports were filed this year, while 170 thousand messages were posted to the various Debian mailing lists and nearly 25 thousand new versions of packages were uploaded.

Here are the most memorable events of 1999 in the Debian Project:













As Debian Weekly News enters its second year, I want to thank everyone who made the first year possible: Substitute editor Randolph Chung, contributors Josip Rodin, Brandon Mitchell, Robert de Forest, Aaron Van Couwenberghe, Rob Tillotson, Michael Dahlberg, Stephane Bortzmeyer, Pablo Averbuj, Branden Robinson, Mike Renfro, Christian Meder, Katsura S. Yoshio, Raphaƫl Hertzog, Mike Linksvayer, and Simon Holgate. Also, thanks to Linux Weekly News for being a continuing inspiration, and for never complaining about my copy-cat attempts. And finally, thanks to everyone in Debian for providing such a plethora of interesting discussions, events, and hard work for me to report on.

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