Debian 每週快訊 - 2006年07月18日

歡迎閲讀本年度第二十九期的 DWN,每週 Debian 社羣快訊。 Harald Welte announced the availability of a root filesystem based on Debian sarge and a corresponding kernel plus instructions for EZX phones. Raphaël Hertzog has the impression that the Debian project is merely trying to keep packages up-to-date and that the project is not making any significant improvements.

【Debian 伺服器遭入侵後恢復服務】 James Troup 報導 受到攻擊。這台機器在下線接受調查後已經被重新安裝。攻擊者利用被破解的開發者帳號和本地核心 弱點來提高本身權限。

Updated Sarge CD Images with newer Kernel. Kenshi Muto announced updated CD images for the i386 architecture for sarge that use a more recent kernel. With Linux 2.6.16-15 from several base utilities such as grub, udev and parted have been updated as well.

Old debian-devel Channel on Freenode. Erich Schubert discovered that the old debian-devel IRC channel on freenode is officially flagged as abandoned. After the alias has been transferred from freenode to OFTC the old channel wasn't used much anymore. The remaining users in the channel are encouraged to switch over to the one on OFTC.

Swap on a logical Volume. David Härdeman wondered whether to change LVM packages so that the swap partition is created as a logical volume rather than a separate partition during the installation. This would allow swap space to be easily enlarged and shrunk using the regular tools when needed.

New Wildcard Behaviour of tar. Bdale Garbee explained that the new version of tar incorporates a new behaviour with respect to wildcards passed to the program. The upstream developers have altered tar in order to make it conform to the UNIX98 specification and compatible with the original version of the utility. The change is documented in detail in a special NEWS.Debian file.

Packages to be removed. Kevin McCarty updated the list of packages that have open release-critical bugs older than one month and only very few users recorded in popcon. 15 out of 52 source packages have been fixed and 8 source packages have received an acknowledgement from the maintainer to be removed.

Support for Intel-based Macs. Junichi Uekawa announced his effort to foster Debian support for Intel-based Mac computers. Frans Pop added that some work has already been done on the installer. Owners of such machines are welcome to jump in and contact the developers on the debian-boot list.

Debian Packages for Squid 3. Luigi Gangitano announced his intent to package the new version of squid, the Internet object cache, for Debian. It has been rewritten from scratch and provides a number of new features. The squid3 packages may be installed in parallel with the older packages.

Packages Diff Files. Tyler MacDonald wondered if index diff files should be used for local archives at all. They have been invented to avoid the need to download several megabytes of Packages files upon upgrade, especially for machines with low or limited bandwidth. Alec Berryman pointed out how to disable this feature. Mike Hommey additionally reported that after a long time without an update and with decent bandwidth it actually takes more time merging all diff files than downloading the full file.


【新的或值得注意的軟件套件】 下列套件是最近被加到 unstable Debian 檔案庫或是有重大更新。

【孤兒套件】本週又有 12 個套件變成孤兒啦!他們需要新的維護者照顧。這造成目前總共有 326 個孤兒套件。非常感謝 那些前維護者對於自由軟件社羣的貢獻。請閲覽 WNPP 網頁查詢完整的列表。如果你有興趣接手任一個套件的話,請手加上一個臭蟲報告並把標題改成 ITA。devscripts 套件中的 wnpp-alert 程式可以幫您找出有哪些孤兒套件裝在您系統上。

【被移除的套件】 過去一週內,有 5 個套件被移出 Debian 檔案庫了:

【想繼續閲讀 DWN 嗎?】 請幫助我們製作這份新聞。我們需要更多的自願作家盯著 Debian 社羣,為我們報導社羣中的動態。請見 投稿網頁瞭解如何幫助我們。我們的信箱 期待著您的來信!

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