Even though Debian was started in the U.S. it is an international project. Besides many official developers we have a lot of German speaking contributors who promote Debian GNU in their countries, provide support for this system or try to help people by translating our documents and web pages.

German Support


Our goal is to provide the Debian distribution and its documentation in German as well. This is helpful for those people who don't speak English well enough to understand it. For most people this is a form of convenience, however for rather old, very young and less experienced people it is required not to be worried with english.

The German translation team has defined some rules which contain wordlists and quoting styles. We try to comply to these rules as much as possible.

There are four big spots where translation is done:

The mailing list debian-l10n-german@lists.debian.org is intended for discussion and organisation of german translation (subscribe/archive).

Translation of the web site

The translators of the web page need help to keep the translation up to date and to translate new content (e.g. news). If you want to help to translate the website please check out the following resources:

The translation of the Debian website into German is already quite advanced. Most of the pages not translated yet are old weekly news.