Debian 2.1 (slink) Information

Debian 2.1 has been superseded.

Since newer releases have been made, the 2.1 release has been superseded. These pages are being retained for historical purposes. You should be aware that Debian 2.1 is no longer maintained.

The following architectures were supported in Debian 2.1:

Release Notes

To find out what's new for Debian 2.1, see the Release Notes for your architecture. The Release Notes also contain instructions for users who are upgrading from prior releases.


Sometimes, in the case of critical problems or security updates, the released distribution (in this case, Slink) is updated. Generally, these are indicated as point releases. The current point release is Debian 2.1r5. You can find the ChangeLog on any Debian archive mirror.

Slink is certified for use with the 2.0.x series of Linux kernels. If you wish to run the Linux 2.2.x kernel with slink, see the list of known problems.


An updated version of apt is available in Debian, as of 2.1r3. The benefits of this updated version is primarily that it is able to handle installation from multiple CD-ROMs itself. This makes the dpkg-multicd acquisition option in dselect unnecessary. However, your 2.1 CD-ROM may contain an older apt, so you might want to upgrade based on the one now in Slink.

Getting Debian 2.1

Debian is available electronically or from CD vendors.

Buying Debian on CD

We maintain a list of CD vendors that sell CDs of Debian 2.1.

Downloading Debian Over the Internet

We maintain a list of sites which mirror the distribution.