Become a Debian Developer! Debian Mentors are waiting to help you

November 25th, 1997

Do you want to see your software fly on the Space Shuttle? Want to see it used in classrooms and companies everywhere? Want to give something back for all of the great free software that others have contributed? Want to be part of the best project in the free software world, with lots of smart people to work with?


Be a technical writer, a package maintainer, or a programmer.

Now, it's easier than ever to become a Debian developer, because we've set up mentors — experienced Debian staff who will guide you through the process. You can meet them on the Debian Mentors mailing list. To subscribe, send a message to with the word subscribe in the body.

About the easiest way to become a developer is to adopt a software package. You can find a list of software packages that need maintainers at

You can find more information in our Developer's Corner. Documents here include the Debian Policy Manual and the Debian Packaging Manual, key references for every Debian package maintainer.