Announcing the Linux Compatibility Standards Project

August 11th, 1998

Debian and Red Hat are collaborating on a written specification of the Linux Compatibility Standard (LCS). The LCS will clearly outline the specifications necessary to be LCS compliant. This LCS document will be used as a guideline on how to build a proper system by those building Linux distributions, and it will be used by developers needing information on the basic system configuration to develop application programs. We expect this LCS effort to complement the example LSB implementation on which Bruce Perens is working.

Erik Troan (Red Hat) and Dale Scheetz (Debian) will jointly manage the LCS working group, which will be working on the written standard using the mailing list for the discussion. is an open subscription list. Everyone who is interested is encouraged to subscribe. Most of all, we encourage all current members of the LSB committee to subscribe to this list. Even if you intend to work on the code base, subscribing will be helpful.

The public at large is also encouraged to subscribe, with only one suggestion. All non-committee members will be STRONGLY encouraged to "lurk" quietly. If you really have information of pressing importance to the group, you are encouraged to subscribe to the debian-policy mailing list and carry your discussion to that group. All LCS discussions on debian-policy will be collected periodically for review by the LCS group.


To subscribe to the lcs-eng mailing list send an e-mail to:
with the single word subscribe in the subject line. You will shortly receive a confirmation request. Follow the instructions and you will become subscribed to the list.