Debian project at Systems exhibition

November 4th, 2000

The Debian project happily announces that they have received an offer to represent the project and its sane Linux distribution from November 5th to November 11th as part of LinuxPark at Europe's second most important computer-oriented exhibition, Systems 2000 in Munich, Germany.

Members of the Debian project are waiting in exhibition hall A3, booth 103-D3 at the Debian booth to answer your questions and demonstrate the Debian GNU/Linux distribution. If you are interested in the project, just stop by at the booth. If you plan to become a maintainer at some time, don't forget to take your GPG key with you.

During the exhibition, on Monday at 6pm, it is planned that Debian receives a donation from LinuxLand International. They sold more than 1000 copies of their commercial Debian GNU/Linux product within two weeks.

Systems is the second most important computer-oriented exhibition in Europe.

LinuxPark is a sub-exhibition within the regular one combining lots of Linux-oriented and -based companies in one exhibition hall with the addition of open projects.

LinuxLand International is an independent distributor for products based upon Linux, including applications and distributions.

Coordination page is at