Web and CVS Server donated by VA Linux Systems

November 15th, 2000

VA Linux Systems has donated a VA Linux 2240 server to the Debian Project. The machine features 4×18 GB of hard drive storage and 256 MB of RAM. It is hosted by VA Linux Systems and replaces the old va.debian.org server. The new machine is used as our primary web server <www.debian.org> and CVS server <cvs.debian.org>, and is available for all the developer use as well.

The new server is called klecker.debian.org and is dedicated to the memory of the late Joel `Espy' Klecker.

Debian wishes to thank VA Linux Systems for donating the new machine and providing bandwidth to host it. Thanks also to the developers who invested time and effort into configuring and testing the system for Debian. The Debian Project would also like to thank Visi.net and BrainFood for hosting www.debian.org and cvs.debian.org respectively while the previously used machine was in the process of being replaced.