Debian Weekly News - August 9th, 2000

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Debian will be awarded the $25,000 IDG/Linus Torvalds Community Award at LinuxWorld Conference and Expo. Here's the full announcement. This should happen roughly at the same time Debian 2.2 is released, and a release party of some sort is planned to happen during LinuxWorld, which is shaping up to be an eventful show for Debian.

A release announcement is being prepared. A lot of brainstorming has been going on as we try to find and remember important changes in potato that we can brag about, and several rough drafts have already been written.

Members of the #debian irc channel on are preparing for the onslaught of questions when Debian 2.2 is released. They're organising a round-the-clock support crew dubbed the "Mobile Array of Support Helpers for Potato (MashPotato)" that will "provide the most comprehensive Debian GNU/Linux support service that we can to users both new and old."

This week's security fixes include a fix for a hole in unstable's mailman package that allowed local users to take over the list user, and a security fix for ntop that fixes that program's web mode so it cannot be used to view every file on the system. A security hole in mailx and suidperl is the big security hole of the week, but Debian narrowly escaped being vulnerable.

More news from Debian-derived distributions. Storm Linux 2000 Starter Edition has been released. Interestingly, their press release says it is "built around the Debian GNU/Linux 2.2 "potato" release, the most stable and secure distribution available", even though 2.2 is not yet released. Also, another Debian-based distribution has shown up: DemoLinux 2.0 is now Debian based. And finally, any Corel users who want to upgrade to potato can check out this Corel to Debian micro-howto.

New packages in Debian unstable this week include the following and 15 more:

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