Debian Weekly News - May 29th, 2002

Welcome to this year's twenty-second issue of DWN, the weekly newsletter for the Debian community. We're sorry for a rather small issue, but Joey is currently too busy with other things. Therefore, it is rather unlikely that we'll be able to create an issue for the next week. One of our own news articles was apparently quoted in the Sydney Morning Herald.

Bandwidth Monitoring. Brian May wondered what the best way with Debian would be to monitor IP packets sent/received over an external (i.e. volume charged) connection? He wants to know how many bytes a host A did receive on what port, which internal host received the most external traffic etc. He included a summary and summarized answers as well.

Apt Preferences Brian May was confused about how apt treated his preferences. His setup includes the pinning feature many people use when they mix testing and unstable. Not many people replied, not many probably grok this feature.

On Packaging WineX. Last week there was some confusion since Marc Leeman sent an ITP (Intent to Package) for WineX, which is WINE with compatibility for games developed using DirectX. Upstream asked Debian not to distribute this package, it was said that distributing it would hurt the upstream company and it was even said that they have threatened to change their license to specifically ban Debian from having such a package. Later Marc dropped the package and explained why.

New Debian Flyers. With regard to the upcoming LinuxTag exhibition and conference Jens Schmalzing and Michael Banck created a new bilingual (German and English) flyer for Debian. This time it is created with Free Software as long as that was possible. Even though LaTeX was involved, the design doesn't reflect what most people expect from it. Karl Hammar already translated the flyer into Swedish and Brazilian people seem to be interested as well. Printing in Germany is sponsored by credativ.

New or Noteworthy Packages. The following packages were added to the Debian archive recently or contain important updates.

Seen something interesting? Please drop us a note whenever you see something noteworthy that you think is appropriate for inclusion in DWN. We don't see everything, unfortunately, and this month will be a busy one for us. Of course, we are also thankful for completely written items from volunteer writers. We're looking forward to receiving your mail at

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This issue of Debian Weekly News was edited by Yooseong Yang and Martin 'Joey' Schulze.