New Debian New Maintainer Process Passes 100 Mark

November 10th, 2000

In the last week, the number of new members admitted into Debian by the New-Maintainer process has passed the 100 mark. There are more than 100 applicants currently being processed by Application Managers and fewer than 100 potential applicants waiting in the queue for the next available Application Manager. This represents a major milestone in the new procedure, indicating that the machinery is in full operation and doorway into Debian is fully open once again.

From the beginning design of process in early February, the final results we can see today could not have been accomplished without the strong and steady support of the Debian developers who have graciously volunteered their time, shepherding applicants through the process of becoming a new Debian member. We must also thank several of the newly installed members who have given their time to help reduce the waiting line of prospective applicants. Without this volunteer effort this process would not now be enjoying this success.

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has or is contributing to the success of the New Maintainer process. Without the great volunteer efforts of many developers, none of this would be possible. Even with all this help we could not have accomplished our goals without the patience and responsiveness of those waiting to become members of Debian. Without their cooperation and patience, all of the volunteer efforts could easily have been squandered.

Thanks go to everyone who helped to make this process work. Your help and support have been very much appreciated.

This article was submitted by Dale Scheetz <>.