Appointing the Debian Security Secretary

October 17th, 2001

The Debian Security Team hereby announces that two people have volunteered to help and which were appointed as Debian Security Secretary:

Both are registered Debian developers and have a long history of Debian related work. They are both active on several mailing lists that Debian serves.

Noah is working as an administrator within the Lab for Computer Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and is also a member of MIT security team.

Matt has applied as Debian developer in 1999 and has worked on various packages.

We hope to be able to provide an even better service to our users reacting to security problems. Adding more people to the team who will be able to check security problems and review code should improve Debian Security significantly.

We would like to thank all other people who have volunteered for this position. We tried to do our best to find the best suited people for this important task. We would like you to continue your good work and ask all users to continue reporting security concerns to