Several donations boost reliability of Debian's core infrastructure

October 3rd, 2016

Over the last several months, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), one of Debian's primary hardware partners, has made several large in-kind donations in support of Debian core services. The donated equipment will be deployed in the data centers of multiple hosting partners in Canada, the United States, and Australia.

HPE's in-kind donations will allow Debian:

Hewlett Packard Enterprise relies on Debian's technologies for HPE Linux, a technology standard across the company, said Steve Geary, Senior Director at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. We're grateful the Debian project can use our hardware donation to further improve the reliability of its infrastructure.

HPE's generous donation of equipment will allow Debian to refresh the servers that underpin a number of our core services, explained Luca Filipozzi, member of the Debian System Administration (DSA) team.

The donation of an enclosure, blade servers, and a SAN will allow DSA to build a virtual machine hosting environment at UBC (CA) that is functionally equivalent to the environment that Debian already has in place in the UK. HPE's hardware donation enables Debian to achieve the high-availability, geographic redundancy, and partner independence in our services that our project colleagues demand and that our users have come to expect.

The refresh of the infrastructure underlying and is vital to ensure that the project is able to produce and maintain the Debian operating system. The former is an integral component of Debian's automated build environment, used daily by project members for package maintenance activities; while the latter is a critical service for our users as it provides the vehicle by which security updates are made available to them.

It is only through the donation of volunteer effort, in-kind equipment and services, and funding that Debian is able to deliver on our commitment to a free operating system. We are very appreciative of HPE's generosity.

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