Notícies de 1998

[1998-12-14] Linux Today Netwinder Interview
[1998-12-12] Debian Project Adopts a Constitution
[1998-12-11] Debian Powers 512 Node Cluster into Book of Records
[1998-11-06] Sun loans Ultra30 Systems to Debian
[1998-11-04] Debian GNU/Linux 2.1 'Slink' Frozen
[1998-11-01] Wrong Language Bug
[1998-11-01] debian mirrors
[1998-10-29] New SPI Web Pages
[1998-10-28] A Public Letter to the Debian Group from Corel Computer
[1998-10-27] Debian Web site receives 'Best of the Net' award
[1998-10-19] Compaq donates Alpha to Debian
[1998-10-16] "Linux Actual" includes Debian GNU/Linux 2.0 'Hamm' CDs
[1998-10-14] Slink Freeze and IRC Party
[1998-10-13] Debian receives 'Highly Commended' award
[1998-10-12] Debian GNU/Linux bootable on Corel's NetWinder
[1998-10-08] Debian's stance on KDE copyright and licensing issues
[1998-09-15] Debian in Action: Virtual Network Computing
[1998-09-15] Debian in the News: Debian 2.0 'Hamm' Review
[1998-09-04] Debian at the Atlanta Linux Showcase
[1998-09-01] News Mailing List debian-news created
[1998-08-28] Debian JP (Japanese) Packages for Debian 2.0 (Hamm-JP) released!
[1998-08-26] Additional Vendors Participate in Growing LSB Effort
[1998-08-26] Debian in Print: Databases with Linux
[1998-08-26] Debian in the News: APCMAG 2.0 'Hamm' Beta Review
[1998-08-26] Debian ARM Project
[1998-08-26] Debian in the News: Live at the BBC?
[1998-08-13] Debian's 5th Birthday!
[1998-08-13] Debian in the News: A New Stable Release of Debian
[1998-08-13] Debian in the News: The Next Millennium Headache
[1998-08-11] Announcing the Linux Compatibility Standards Project
[1998-08-10] New SPI Officers Chosen
[1998-07-24] Debian GNU/Linux 2.0 'Hamm' Released
[1998-07-22] Debian UltraLinux Project
[1998-06-24] Debian v2.0 ("Hamm") Beta Test
[1998-06-06] Kachina Technologies, Inc. to help Debian Sparc development
[1998-05-23] New Debian Mailing List Set Up: debian-security-announce
[1998-05-22] Debian Developers to Speak at Linux Kongress
[1998-05-22] XFree86 Announces Position on X11R6.4 Licensing
[1998-05-22] Hamm (development version of 2.0) Now in Deep Freeze
[1998-04-09] Debian to Use Only Free Versions of the X Window System
[1998-03-25] Code freeze (and rumours)
[1998-03-16] Novare Contributes Hardware to Debian
[1998-03-16] SPI President to bring Free Software message to World Leaders!
[1998-03-06] Netscape turns to Debian for Licensing Guidance!
[1998-03-06] Announcement About the Debian Trademark
[1998-02-23] MAPS: A Project Worthy of your Notice
[1998-02-03] Revised Debian CD Available
[1998-02-03] Debian 2.0 Development Near Completion
[1998-02-03] Debian GNU/Linux System Used to Develop Satellite
[1998-01-25] Debian Affiliates
[1998-01-25] Debian Stability
[1998-01-25] Debian Talks near You
[1998-01-04] Debian and the Millennium Bug
[1998-01-01] Happy New Year from the Debian Project