Debian at upcoming events in May

May 1st, 2002

Several exhibitions and conferences covering Free Software and GNU/Linux will take place this month. The Debian project has been offered to participate in three of them. The events take place in Brazil, Mexico and Germany.

May 2nd - 4th: Third International Forum on Free Software, Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Almost all Brazilian Debian developers will meet at this event and will promote Debian through a course and a talk.

May 16th - 19th: Días de Software Libre, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

People from the Free Software Foundation, Ximian, the Debian project and others will meet at this event and promote Free Software. Debian will be represented with an introductory speech and a talk that covers package formats with a special focus on the Debian package format.

May 25th - 26th: 3rd Magdeburger Linuxtag, Magdeburg, Germany

German developers and users of GNU/Linux will attend this exhibition and conference. The Debian project will demonstrate the Woody release at the booth. Andreas Tille will also give a talk about the Debian Med subproject.

We invite all interested people in that area to attend one of these conferences, meet Debian developers and users, exchange GnuPG fingerprints, discuss various topics on Debian and Free Software, and otherwise participate in our vibrant community.