Debian adds integrated XML Support

May 6th, 2004

The upcoming stable Debian release (code-named sarge) will feature fully integrated XML support. Multiple toolchains for XSL(T) processing, a fully standards-compliant XML catalog system, and a Debian XML policy document for both Debian developers and users provide the backbone of a complete, out-of-the-box system for XML developers and authors.

Supplementing the already integrated SGML and DSSSL infrastructure and packages, the resulting innovative XML subsystem positions Debian as a premier platform for SGML and XML developers, offering a complete working set of tools for documenters and markup programmers with no manual setup required.


Debian's open model of participation and continuing commitment to system quality (as reflected in the Debian Policy) puts it head-and-shoulders above other commercial or free distributions.

How To Get Involved

Interested Debian users and developers are invited to participate in future development & implementation of XML and related tools by joining the Debian XML/SGML Group and/or one of the XML/SGML mailing lists: